Thursday, February 21, 2008

so, what do people really want to know about Muslims?

A couple of years ago when I started this website, I had a hunch and over the years the website counter has proved me right.

I had the feeling that people (non-Muslims) are naturally curious about Muslims and would like to know more about their customs, culture and yes, their faith and beliefs...they just don't want answers to their straightforward questions served up with huge dollops of incomprehensible religious arcana.

I feel quite vindicated in my belief when I see the top referral links to this website:

Why do Muslims dislike dogs?
Why can't Muslims keep dogs as pets?
Muslims and dogs
even Muslims are dogs :P

I'd like to carry over this spirit -- of providing honest, unambiguous information -- when we start printing, in shaa Allaah. I'm even thinking of having a regular Q & A column by and for non-Muslims. If we believe that Islam has all the answers, there is no such thing as an inconvenient /uncomfortable question.

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