Thursday, December 13, 2007

What should be the most essential items on one's Hajj checklist?

By Shaykh Yaser Birjas

"When I was giving a Hajj seminar a few weeks ago for a group of participants from our community, I noticed that every individual was concerned about his or her Hajj check list more than anything else. They were literally paranoid and afraid that they might miss something or that they might carry with them an unnecessary load which might be troubling.
The Hajj list usually includes things like: Hajj manual, Ihram, safety belts, slippers or flip flops, enough clothes, water bottles, umbrella, sun screen, cash money and Oh yah, your ticket and passport. And did I mention the Hajj visa?
Unfortunately, people become so busy in the last few days before they travel to Makkah preparing for their journey that they forget about the real Hajj check list. Besides learning the practical rituals of Hajj and the smart tips to ensure our safety and the safety of others while there -which are usually the main focus of any regular Hajj seminar- Have we ever thought of creating a Hajj list that ensures this -probably once in a life time experience- is done correctly with no flaws? After all, a faultless Hajj receives no reward other than Al-Jannah.
If you plan to go to Hajj then you need to prepare a special check list besides the regular one.
These are what I believe are the most essential items on your Hajj check list..."
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