Sunday, July 13, 2014

Watch the mighty, armoured IDF fire at unprotected, stone-throwing Palestinian men

How strong and mighty they must be feeling, every inch of their bodies sheltered in great big armours, heads in hard, sturdy, helmets, wielding great big guns, firing bravely at young Palestinian men, exposed and unprotected, making a powerful statement, feebly.
The point being, the Zionists are cowards of the highest order, and their veneer of supreme strength will crumble soon enough when they are deprived of their criminal assets: their chemical and nuclear weapons, their tanks and rifles, their unequivocal support from the very people who have the power to put an end to its existence which is a blot on today's map and history of the world. When they are stripped of everything (as the Palestinians were and are constantly being) that puts them at an advantage over their Palestinian neighbours, then will the fight be equal.

For now, suffice to say that there is a tyrant, a coward, and a criminal, all rolled into one: the state of Israel, cheered on by those who helped bring this demon into existence, that is committing a massacre that history will not forget, that will be avenged, and for which they cannot humanly excuse themselves.

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