Sunday, August 19, 2007

Why the world needs Muslim media

I recently discovered UmmahPulse a UK-centric news and views website that "aims to provide a window onto the state and condition of the Muslim community - a regular "pulse-check" to gauge the health of the ummah. We are committed to highlighting those issues that are of relevance to British Muslims and that impact our brothers and sisters worldwide. We aim to represent the views of the mainstream - not the mythical "silent majority" that the neocons tout but the vocal that cannot be heard because they have no platform or outlet."

This is also where I read the distressing story of the brutal, unprovoked attack on an Imaam, Dr. Muhammad Sulaimani that (surprise, surprise) didn't make it to any of the mainstream media.

It just re-inforced the need to have more media sources manned by Muslims...may we all recognise the truth for what it is, and follow it; and recognise falsehood for what it is, and avoid it.

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