Wednesday, March 07, 2007

How to make sense of the BlogRoll?

I just realised there are over a 100 links (110 to be precise) on the blogroll of this site...which can be daunting and confusing for someone randomly surfing in.

The header they are compiled under is, I think, self-explanatory: Worldviews.
They are websites on Muslims, or by Muslims, or of interest to Muslims and those interested in getting to know them better. They represent the plurality of voices within the Muslim community and beyond. Some of these sites are based on news and analyses, others give insight into personal lives and places -- pretty much an eclectic mix.

However, one feature they all share is that they are about real life and real people -- all the websites feature real names, photographs, incidents and opinions, not phantoms in cyberspace.

I'd really like to recommend some of the sites as mandatory reading and make a list of the sites that are my personal favourites, but that would probably be counter-productive to the true purpose of having a huge blogroll: the joy of discovery.

- The Ed

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