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What can a Muslim lifestyle do for Jordan?

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"I took my clothes off, I learnt all there is to know about sex and I changed my body - all to please men" - topless model Jordan.
A British tabloid story gave Michael Young cause to reflect.

Anyone who scans the front pages of newspapers in Britain before purchasing will no doubt be familiar with the "glamour" model, Jordan. It seems that never a week goes by without a photo of her being splashed across the cover of one of the down-market tabloids or there being a story about her latest sexual exploits.

Today (June 24, 2001) it is the turn of the Sunday People. But this time things are a little different. Although the story is presented in the usual sensationalist style, it seems that what the paper describes alternately as "Britain's No1 glamour babe" and a "32FF plastic boobs freak" with a craving for kinky sex, has been spending some time reflecting on her lifestyle.
Twenty-three year old Jordan, real name Katie Price, has a string of broken relationships behind her including with pop singer Dane Bowers (ex-Another Level) and Manchester United footballer, Dwight Yorke. She now finds herself alone, lusted after but unloved by men and ridiculed by women. According to press reports, some months ago when Jordan accompanied Yorke into the players' lounge at Old Trafford, Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, wife of soccer star David, launched into the chorus of Who Let The Dogs Out!
In the Sunday People interview Jordan lamented:
"I took my clothes off, I learnt all there is to know about sex and I changed my body - all to please men.
"More and more I would struggle to keep them happy and want them to trust me, but they never could."
The story catalogues violent, abusive relationships leading to a craving for "bizarre" sex and aborting a pregnancy when her then lover allegedly cheated on her. It also details ever more extreme measures including a succession of cosmetic surgery operations on Jordan's breasts and lips in a desperate and misguided attempt to attract a man who would provide the genuine love missing in her life. As the report concludes:
"Now Jordan is alone with her tragic obsessions. She says: "I am scared of growing old and looking ugly. I want men to find me attractive and love me.
"But most of the men I have been with have never made me feel wanted - it has all been bulls**t. Each time in the end, I felt I was to blame, that it was all my fault."
An Islamic PerspectiveIt is easy when faced with such a scenario for a Muslim to launch into a tirade about jahiliya and the evils of Western society. But we are dealing with a real person here, a damaged young woman obviously suffering from low self esteem, someone who has gone astray, who is on the path to self destruction and doesn't know where to look to find inner peace.
What do Islam and a Muslim lifestyle have to offer to Jordan and other non-celebrity young women in her situation?

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